Our Story

Chitra Trade Aryan (PJS)* is a leading Exporter and Supplier of a wide array of high-quality Medicinal Herbs and vegetables, Dried Fruits, and nuts based in Tehran, Iran. We focused on bringing the highest quality products to the leading European and Global level companies. This company founded by three old friends! with the trio have gone from a small idea in mind to successfully launch our own company and scaling our operations subsequently

At very first, we just worked in collaboration with the local farmers and collectors network to provide a wide range of herbs, medicinal and aromatic plants. But some months after that, we also enabled to cultivate several medicinal herbs (thyme for instance) on our farms which are in great demand at the local, national and above all, international level. Dried fruits and nuts market, tend us to start a new branch of our company in this market subsequently. After that In late 2016, we started our office abroad in Turkey for ease of doing the trade and make a step for what is in our minds.

The qualified and experienced team of professionals employed by us work round the clock to provide natural products that are genuine and effective. In conclusion, we are proud of the services which we provide for our esteemed customers.
We learned a lot in this journey and we are learning though. We believe in establishing strong partnerships in order to organize production channels for long terms.

* PJS refers to Private Joint Stock Company. The shareholders of a private joint stock company have UNLIMITED liability for company debts.

Our Vision

Based on our greatest asset that is our customers’ trust, we want to be a globally recognized supplier in herbs, spices and dried fruit, nuts during time; business across all trade channels in the market subsequently, to fulfill the spirit of trading and trace the customer satisfaction to the highest levels because of our worth buying high quality products and become the preferred choice for our customers in short.

Our Mission

To provide a wide portfolio of herbal products and dried fruits that will add value for our customers and suppliers. We will accomplish this through the empowerment of our staff and the quality of our products with worth buying price become a world class B2B company.

Our Values

  • Always have something new to suggest to our customers. In other words, to be attractive for the customers.
  • To do our best for rising customer satisfaction day by day.
  • Teamwork and mutual trust and respect inbound.
  • To know that we are indebted to nature, and to be thankful for mother nature; So, save the green, save the planet.
  • Most importantly, Never sacrifice quality for price.

We owe our success to the diligent team that comprises of herbalists, procurement professionals, and marketing professionals and skilled farmers who work in harmony to offer effective herbal products to our clients. We provide relevant information to procurement professionals who source the appropriate plants from reliable vendors.