Why Choose “Chitra Trade Aryan” as your supplier?

When it comes to business it is everyone’s right to know more about the company they are dealing with, here we are pleased to proudly introduce Chitra Trade Aryan co. (Private Joint Stock) and give you the chance to get to know us better. Below are the reasons why to choose us:

Strong Partnerships Inbound

Being in touch with market leaders is one of our strength. You are just one step away from qualified products by simply dealing with us. We confidently guarantee the quality since we are in direct contact with qualified farmers for which our country is famous for.

Strong Business Network, Strategic Alliances

We partner with several organizations that share our values. Working together, we help each other grow through cross promotion. Office in Turkey, the United Kingdom and Spain, agencies around the globe like Canada, Russia, approved dealers worldwide and still developing our business network.

Quality People

We are extremely proud of our strong team with unmatched knowledge and loyalty from being serious in business.

Products Quality

Quality is a word we use often. But here, we mean it.

85% repeat order rate

Keeping our customers satisfied is one of our most important priorities. We seriously seek their satisfaction after the sale. Trying to do so, we have achieved 85% repeat order rate. Trust us once and you will trust us forever.

Fast inquiry response

Our standard is to reply to emails as fast as possible, especially inquiries. It is our principle to reply to inquiries within 12 hours. We believe this not only helps our customers to feel more secure but also helps our team to successfully run our business.

Free Samples Available

Need samples before putting your order? It is OK. We provide samples for you and samples freight will return when you put the order. It’s fast, free and easily accessible, so why to wait, ask for samples now and you find out the reason why to trust us.

Not Just Business

We take pride in what we deliver to customers and tomorrow we will be here for you because we are not a flash-in-the-pan company. History proves that we know you won’t be disappointed.

Private Joint Stock Company

Furthermore, You are dealing with a Private Joint Stock company. The shareholders of a private joint stock company have UNLIMITED liability for company debts.


We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.